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SQUAREDLER Definition Travel Mug

SQUAREDLER Definition Travel Mug

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What's the definition of a Squaredler? Let everyone know with this 15 oz stainless steel travel mug!


  1. Player of Squaredle, the daily word-building game
  2. Person who refuses to be productive until every word is found
  3. Owner of a phone covered in manic swipe marks
  4. One who obsesses over words like tern, aria, and tree

This mug will keep drinks at their desired temperature for hours, and its leakproof design means it won’t spill, no matter where you take it.

  • Dishwasher safe!
  • 180mm (7.08") tall including lid, 160mm tall (6.29") without lid
  • Bottom diameter of 61mm (2.4") and top diameter of 84mm (3.3")  
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